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Khosrov Forest State Reserve is Armenia’s flagship park, and HSBC has supported CNF’s work there since 2010.  Over the summer, HSBC generously renewed its support for 2013.    

Support this year will promote and develop Khosrov’s patrolling program and overall self sufficiency. Khosrov SaddlesWith HSBC’s help, we will purchase eight additional horses for the reserve.  Experience has shown that horses are the best mode of transportation for fast and effective patrolling of the reserve’s rugged terrain.  Horses are environmentally friendly and allow the reserve’s 44 rangers to venture deep into the wilderness, cutting across the forest and mountains with minimal disturbance to the plants and animals. 

HSBC will also sponsor the reserve’s bee keeping program.  With the addition of 45 new hives to the reserve’s existing stock, the park will be able to create a sustainable and profitable bee keeping program, generating revenues and supporting its self-sufficiency.  Honey production is an environmentally friendly way to cover a park’s financial gaps.  

In prior years, HSBC supported the purchase of furniture and equipment for Khosrov Forest’s visitor shelter at the Vedi entrance to the park.  The shelter was fully fitted out with kitchen, dining and sleeping accommodation as well as utensils, cookware and bed linen.  Motivating local people is a key to conservation work, and Khosrov Forest’s plan is to develop eco-tourism in the reserve with the full involvement of local communities, building up their skills and creating alternative sources of income for them.  

HSBC has a long standing commitment to protecting the environment.  It believes that a healthy environment is fundamental to a thriving society and sound economy for Armenia.  CNF is deeply grateful to HSBC for its continued support of our projects.

Khosrov wins European Diploma    
European Diploma 2

Khosrov Forest has been awarded the European Diploma of Protected Areas by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. 

The prestigious international award is given to natural and semi-natural areas and landscapes of exceptional European importance for the preservation of biological, geological and landscape diversity that are managed in an exemplary way.

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CNF Field Trip 
Field Trip 2

In September CNF hosted 15 supporters on a one week tour in Armenia and Georgia. 

The region’s breathtaking nature and splendid remote cultural sites provided a fascinating backdrop for the tour, which featured various guest speakers and greetings from both the Armenian and Georgian environment ministers along the way.   

Read David Morrison’s blog on the trip here. 


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