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Film Premiere

Experience the sights and sounds of the Caucasus region! Watch our short film, Saving the Wild:  Caucasus Nature Fund which highlights our projects in Armenia and Georgia.  The film also explores our dedication to the parks and our relationships with the people whose amazing work makes the parks possible and our efforts worthwhile

Armenia Hiking Trails

Following a conversation at the CNF Benefit in NY, a group of enthusiastic people are working on proposals for a "heritage hiking trail" across Armenia. The project is still in its infancy but we will be sure to keep you up-to-date as it develops.

Top Marks for Tusheti

Tusheti was voted as one of the "12 Best Places You've Never Heard Of" in a recent survey.  Nominated by John Bealby, founder of Wild Frontier adventures, for its "centuries old defensive towers, mountaintop castles and stone shrines" as well as "the most hospitable and fun people in the world".

CNF expects to begin supporting Tusheti next year.
October 27, 2011
October at CNF
  • Borjomi-Karagauli Visitor Centre opening
  • Local students tackle bark beetle invasion
  • A rainforest in Western Georgia
CNF took part in the official ribbon cutting and re-opening of the newly refurbished visitor centre at Borjomi-Karagauli National Park.  The centre, co-funded by CNF, Bank of Georgia and the Georgian Government was transformed in only four months, now houses four hotel rooms, a cafe, exhibition hall, tourist information centre and administrative building.  The new centre promises to improve the overall guest experience at the park, which has seen visitor numbers rise from 3,700 in 2007 to over 14,500 so far this year.

Borjomi Bark BeetlesThe event also gave us an opportunity to meet local students from the Borjomi Public School, who were installing pheromone traps around the park.  These traps are used to monitor and catch harmful insects, such as bark beetles.  These beetles are an invasive species and are widespread in certain parts of the world. One of the worst outbreaks in British Colombia, Canada, resulted in the loss of 13 million hectares (33 million acres) of timber.  Early control, such as the placing of traps, is essential in the protection of biodiversity and a good way to involve local communities in the management of the park.

Mtirala RiverContinuing on the theme of forests, CNF Executive Director David Morrison recently visited Mtirala National Park in Western Georgia. Only 100 miles from Borjomi, Mtirala is home to one of the only sub-tropical rainforests in Europe.  Established in 2006, the park sees annual rainfall of over 2000mm (79 inches) and 80-85% humidity, which supports the lush vegetation and numerous picturesque rivers and waterfalls.  Visitor numbers to the parks have increased dramatically from 2,500 in 2009 to 18,500 so far this year.  CNF hopes to support this park in the near future and help manage this demand.


Bezoar Goat and Red Deer Reintroductions

We reported last month that we are raising funding for the reintroduction of the Caucasian Red Deer Subspecies into Dilijan National Park in Armenia. To ensure the success of this and other similar projects, CNF is funding two feasibility studies: "Reintroduction of bezoar goat in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Georgia and the Caucasian red deer (maral) in Dilijan National Park, Armenia". These studies will assess the results of the existing reintroduction schemes and identify the resources and infrastructure needed to make these projects successful. The application period closed this week and we hope to have the reports completed over the next six to nine months.

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