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October 31st, 2012
Ontario Speed Skating Association
OSSA Pumpkin 

Website Availability
The OSSA website may experience some downtime this week due to flooding in Manhattan where our web host is located. We have yet to lose the site, but it is possible. For details on the problem and how it's being addressed visit their blog.

Safety Update!
Last eNews we referenced the OSSA Board report of the SSC AGM for more information about safety updates, but you can get even more updated information on Speed Skating Canada's website!  
Review the Red Book for details on a Safe and Welcoming Environment and the sections on Short Track and Long Track Protective equipment to learn more about safe skating.

SSC Bulletin Out
SSC has released it's 2012-13 Competitions Bulletin.  It can be found on their website under events, then hosting.  
The bulletin covers general information as well as selection criteria and other details for other events.

Racing Opportunities for all!

Mini Meets - Did you know?Qmark

How much do you know about mini meets? They are a great option for clubs who would like to host an event, but don't have enough ice or experience to run a full fledged regional or provincial race. It also helps skaters who are new to racing ease into it. 

Mini meets consist of a combination of traditional racing, non-traditional racing, and skill events for young and inexperienced skaters. Coaches and more experienced skaters shall help on the ice and help train parent volunteers as officials. 

There is a meet coming up in Kingston on November 10th, one in Barrie on December 8th and one hosted by Quinte - including Special Olympic skaters - on December 9th! Visit our Mini meets and other events page for details!

Masters Event Opportunities

Are you a master skater looking for racing opportunities?  There are a couple of good ones coming up!  

There will be a masters capacity challenge hosted by Quinte on December 8th including a social event and the Masters International Short Track Championships on April 6-7 in Cicero NY.

Visit our website for information on the event in Belleville (to be posted soon) and visit the MIST Championships site for more details on that event.

2012 Screening Hanbook Released

Does your club have a screening policy for its volunteers?  OSSA has one and it's an important tool to help ensure we maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all of our members.  Be informed and check with your club on what policies and procedures are in place to ensure your child is safe!

If you aren't sure what a screening policy should look like check out the the 2012 edition of the Screening  Handbook. It was developed by Volunteer Canada and provides organizations with up to date information, tools and resources to support comprehensive, ongoing volunteer screening policies and practices.

ARE YOU A Volunteer?  Are you registered?!

Anyone volunteering with a club, especially in an on ice capacity  hould be a registered member with OSSA.  Being a member allows you many rights and privileges including protection by our liability insurance.  If you are volunteering, even if it's only one time at a meet for a few hours, you must be an OSSA member.  Check with your club to find out if you have been registered, or contact OSSA and we can check for you!  For more information give us a call at 705-652-9490.

Tel: (705) 652-9490
         Fax: (705) 625-1227

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