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Dear Friends,

This Saturday April 22, on Earth Day, Puerto Rico will join more than 480 events around the world with the March for Science-Puerto Rico. The event will begin at 11:00 a.m., in Plaza Colon in Old San Juan.

At the global level, the March for Science seeks to celebrate and defend science. At the local level, the March for Science-Puerto Rico has four concrete goals:
  • To foster a scientific culture in Puerto Rico;
  • Insist that the country's public policies be informed by scientific evidence;
  • To foster a solid and sustainable science infrastructure in Puerto Rico; and
  • Emphasize the urgency to take action in response to climate change.
As part of the organizing committee, Ciencia Puerto Rico invites its members to register to participate in the march and take action in support of its goals. Below you will find more information on events related to the march, including a night of scientific stories in Lote23, transportation and resources to support your participation in the march, and actions you can take to extend our impact before and after the march.

Join us to celebrate the importance of science for Puerto Rico, our lives and the world!

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Giovanna Guerrero-Medina, PhD
Executive Director, CienciaPR

Stories of #CienciaBoricua 
April 18, 7:00 pm
Lote 23,
 Santurce PR

Celebrate our #CienciaBoricua listening to personal stories and adventures in the pursuit of knowledge while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and amazing cuisine of Lote23. For more information visit:
Logo March for Science PR
March for Science - Puerto Rico 
April 22 , 11:00 am
Plaza Colón, Viejo San Juan

Show your support for science! The march will begin at 11:00 am from Plaza Colón in Old San Juan, it will go in front of the Capitol, and will finish at the Peace Pavilion in Luis Muñoz Rivera Park where we will join the Para La Naturaleza Fest. Registration and more information here: 
Para La Naturaleza Fest 
April 22, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Pabellón de la Paz, Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera

Before and after the March for Science, celebrate Earth Day at the Para La Naturaleza Fest. This year, the event will be dedicated to the theme of biomimesis, a branch of design based on nature. As in previous years, organizers will distribute 5,000 trees of 16 native species. Entrance is free.

Book your transportation to the March for Science. We have organized transportation from different parts of the island to ensure that all of Puerto Rico has the opportunity to participate in this event.
Help us spread the word 
The more we are, the better! You can use this example to send an email to your friends, family and colleagues and invite them to march through science. You can also share your enthusiasm for the March by using the hashtags #YoMarchoPorLaCiencia, #ScienceMarchPR, or #ScienceNotSilence on Social Media. Here are some examples of messages you can use.
Order your T-Shirt 

Buy your shirt and support the March for Science! They come in Small, Medium, Large and XLarge sizes. You have until April 15. Order it today and pick it up on the day of the march.

Marches around the world 

On April 22, the world will march in support of science. There are more than 480 marches around the world. Are not you in Puerto Rico? Find a march near you. Join the movement from wherever you are. 

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Share your ideas & stories at 
We built the CienciaPR platform to connect the Puerto Rican scientific community with each other and with the world. Use our website to share articles or blog entries related to the goals of the March for Science-Puerto Rico. If you are a member of CienciaPR, press the button "Write a blog post" in your personal profile. If you are not yet a member of CienciaPR, join, it's free
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Contact your senators & representatives 
One of the goals of the March for Science-Puerto Rico is to promote the creation of laws and policies informed by science. As scientists, we can help inform legislators and officials through public hearings, communications and letters. Visit our page to learn more about how you can help.
#CienciaBoricua resources for the classroom 
We want to bring science closer to our people, increase the visibility of Puerto Rican scientists, make their contributions known, and break stereotypes. Help us achieve this goal by visiting a school, in person or by Skype. Use the CienciaPR member database to connect with a teacher. If you are an educator, connect with scientists and find resources, stories, blogs, podcasts and news at to inspire your students. 
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