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Dear Friend,

Every fall, FGC's governing body spends four days in retreat to work on long- and short-range plans for the organization.  Central Committee is a time to reflect on what FGC offers meetings now and how we can deepen and expand that programming.  A vision that inspired many at Central Committee was the proposal to create a comprehensive spiritual formation curriculum for newcomers and Friends.
Several cherished projects that launched in recent years are beginning to show their initial results.  One of these programs is the New Meetings Project, which supports the creation of Quaker meetings in new places.  Jackson Mississippi is one of those places; Quakers there decided to take the plunge and start a meeting with just two initial members.
Another recently launched service is the Quaker Cloud, which has signed up its sixtieth meeting!  Whether your meeting is using the Cloud or not, an up-to-date website is your meeting's single most important tool for reaching seekers.  Gunpowder Friends Meeting shares their 5 tips for building an effective website.
Finally, the Green Meeting House Fund has made some changes, and Friends can now purchase carbon offsets in addition to applying for grants to "green" their meeting houses.
We hope you will take advantage of some of the resources we offer to meetings.  Thank you for reading, thank you for participating, and happy holidays!


Barry Crossno - Sharing a Nurturing and Transformative Faith

Friends meditatingHow do we help visitors to our meetings to experience a transformative faith?  How do we make the Quaker way an accessible path for the thousands of seekers that walk through the doors of our meeting houses each year? 

In March of this coming year, a group of forty or more Quakers involved in religious education and spiritual formation efforts will sit down together for a multi-day meeting.  Our goal is to be led by Spirit to affirm new and existing principles and methods that can serve us in the development of a comprehensive spiritual formation program.  Based in part on what we learn at the consultation, we will strive to build a program that will help serve the fullness of a person’s spiritual journey – be that person a child, an adult, a newcomer, or a seasoned Friend.   Read more at our website about the proposed religious education and spiritual formation program currently in discernment.  >> 
The Friends Meeting House Fund Just Got Greener

San Antonio Friends MeetingThe Friends Meeting House Fund launched the Green Meeting House Fund when Quakerbooks and the FGC Gathering wanted to provide the option of carbon offsets for the costs of travel and shipping.  These offsets go toward grants to Quaker meetings to green their meeting houses with water- or energy-saving appliances and building materials, energy audits, special projects like green roofs or rain gardens, or other energy-saving improvements that serve the meeting.

Now, the Green Meeting House Fund is open for general donations!  Several Quaker organizations, including Quaker Voluntary Service, Pendle Hill, Quaker Institute for the Future, Quaker Earthcare Witness, and Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s EcoJustice Working Group, have expressed interest in going “zero emissions” through gifts to the Green Meeting House Fund.  Is your meeting considering a greening project?  Would you like to purchase carbon offsets by contributing to the grant fund?  Apply for funds or donate at our website!  >>

New Meetings Project Helps Quakers Put Down Roots in New Places 
Janine and Caelin
How many Quakers does it take to start a meeting?  Jackson Quakers took the plunge with only two.  Jackson is one of the new meetings founded with the help of the New Meetings Project, which is working to seed Quaker meetings in places where Quakers are few and far between.  New Meetings Coordinator Brent Bill has had more than thirty-five inquiries, with twenty-seven actively exploring or launching new meetings with NMP resources and help!  Read about how two members in Jackson Mississippi are bringing the Quaker way to their city. >>
5 Tips for Building a Strong Meeting Website 
Quaker Cloud logo 

The Quaker Cloud has signed up its sixtieth meeting.  At the current rate of adoption, our suite of webtools designed with the needs of meetings in mind is well on its way to serving one out of every six Quaker meetings in the U.S. and Canada.  Gunpowder Friends Meeting shares tips on how best to use the Cloud and why they’ve grown to love it. >>

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